Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions are below. For questions not answered here, please contact us via our contact page.

Applications for the subsidy can only be submitted by Queensland schools.

Applications from students, parents, or travel intermediaries will not be accepted.

Applications will need to include

  • the proposed school excursion itinerary noting location/s, dates, and the eligible reef experience;
  • student group size and year level;
  • quote for the proposed excursion including costs for accommodation, transportation and the eligible reef experience; and
  • approval from the school’s Principal.

Once assessed, you will be notified on the outcome of your application and if it has been successful.

If approved, you will be sent advice on the subsidy payment schedule and the post-trip survey which is required to be submitted within six weeks after the conclusion of the excursion.

A school can submit more than one application if these involve separate excursions.

Excursions that follow the same itinerary location and dates (even if with different student year levels) require the same application. 

A student is only eligible for the subsidy once and the onus is on the school to ensure that each student for whom the funding is claimed has not, to the best of the school’s knowledge, received the subsidy previously.

Schools can engage a travel agent, edu-travel company, transport provider or booking agency to assist with the development of their school excursion itinerary. However, applications for the subsidy can only be submitted by the school undertaking the excursion and travel intermediaries are not permitted to apply on behalf of the school.

The subsidy is only available to Queensland students and applications can only be submitted by Queensland Schools.