Eligibility, Payment, and Rates


Applications for the subsidy can only be submitted by Queensland Schools and will not be accepted from individual students, parents, or travel intermediaries.

The subsidy will be paid directly to schools after their planned experience or itinerary has been assessed as meeting the eligibility requirements for funding. No subsidy payment will be made for any travel undertaken prior to approval of a school’s itinerary.

The subsidy is calculated on a per student basis. Accompanying teachers and adults are not included when calculating the subsidy.

A student is only eligible for the subsidy once and the school is responsible for ensuring that each student for whom the funding is claimed has not, to the best of the school’s knowledge, received the subsidy previously.

Fifty per cent of the subsidy will be paid upon approval of the school’s application and the remaining 50 per cent will be paid upon receipt of the completed survey after the excursion.


The subsidy is not intended to cover all costs of the planned activities or itinerary.

Funds are allocated to schools on a per-student basis, at rates corresponding to the round-trip distance travelled from the school as per the subsidy table below.



The subsidy rates (excluding GST) are as follows:

Total distance travelled (round trip)

500km – 999km: $50

1,000km – 1,499km: $75

1,500km – 1,999km: $100

2,000km and over: $130