Great Barrier Reef Subsidy Information

Subsidy Program Information

Great Barrier Reef Excursions

Subsidy information

To be eligible for the subsidy:

  • The application must be from a Queensland primary or secondary school, including schools of distance education;
  • The school’s excursion itinerary must include at least one curriculum-related reef experience, facilitated through a commercial reef tourism operator registered with the program and undertaken within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area;
  • Eligible reef education activities need to align with Australian and Queensland curriculum; and
  • The application must be approved before travel is undertaken.

Please read the Program Guidelines before submitting an application.

The subsidy is not intended to cover all costs of the planned activities or itinerary.

Funds are allocated to schools on a per-student basis, at rates corresponding to the round-trip distance travelled from the school as per the subsidy table below.